Synthux Academy

Background story

Here is a little background story about the Synthux Academy. You might have seen the Synth Design Podcast or perhaps checked a couple of micro-lessons on Instagram. Or maybe you're interested in the International Synth Design Hackathon that's coming up in January 2022. Either way, welcome, fellow synth nerd! You're in the right place.

Hi 👋 My name is Roey, and I'm a musician who builds stuff. I also teach product design in academies in The Netherlands. 

Synthux Academy started when I was looking for resources for a new class. Human-Centered Synthesizers. My students have always built brilliant interactive experiences. Still, I wanted to level up - to design learning activities for musicians and makers worldwide.  This website serves as the hub for all these activities.

Let's get philosophical...

The UX in Synthux stands for User Experience. In a nutshell, good design is human-centered, and all design decisions should be made from a user perspective. 

Holistic design philosophy takes this a step further. If the product is human-centered, can we design its package with the same person in mind? Can it also inform the language on the website? And while we're at it, can marketing materials follow the same principles? 

This philosophy leads to exceptional products and experiences where the value of the whole exceeds the sum of its parts.

I hope that we can help musicians and makers become designers of exceptional instruments and experiences with the educational materials and activities we create here.