Synthux Hackathon 2023


a sound art sculpture inspired by northern lights
Daisy seed microcontroller
Light sensor
A subtle stirring
Sound art

Coaches & collaborators

Design Academy Eindhoven
Would you like to create the northern lights with your technology in your hand and feel its reality? Slowly approach the illusionistic sculpture with the light and see how it reacts with sound and holographic light. With the light sensor hidden inside the transparent sculpture, the melody that makes you feel the aura will react to you the moment you point the light at it.
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the tech

How does it work?

In order to cut the plexiglass material with a laser cutter, we first adjusted everything via Rhino program. Then gluing all the cut pieces we had a sliced structure. For the sound, we've used the Daisy Seed microcontroller with four light-dependent resistors. When light shines on the resistors it modifies the partials of a harmonic oscillator.
Open source code
Click here to grab this project's code
Daisy seed microcontroller
A powerful microcontroller for synthesis programmed through C++, Arduino, Pure data and Max MSP
Light sensor
A light sensor detects light in its proximity
About the instrument
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