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An audiovisual installation which reflects soundscapes in a visual format
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Design Academy Eindhoven
An immersive, sensory audiovisual installation which reflects soundscapes in a visual format. Real time-based translations of sound into image link those two factors as a single unit. Using a button switch to evoke enthropy and activates slide potentiometers to control filter, reverb, amplitude and tweak other parameters, provides a synaesthetic explanation to the principles of modulation - handling overall chaos and order level. The user of EM_001 synth manually controls the surroundings, and as such performs the role of a VJ that shapes his/her own experience.
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Teensy 3.6 Development board A USB-capable microcontroller for sound design 10kΩ Slide potentiometers Three-terminal resistor with a sliding contact that forms an adjustable voltage divider 10kΩ resistor standard pull-up or pull-down resistor employed in dropping a voltage or producing a potential divider action Push-button switch a simple switch mechanism to control some aspects of an electric circuit Touchdesigner a visual programming environment aimed at the creation of multimedia applications
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