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Alien botanical garden.
Light sensor
Teensy Microcontroller
Pressure sensor
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FRÜGELA is a glimpse into an extra-terrestrial world that lives beyond our solar system. On this planet, fruit conquers all, they are the main beings of their ecosystem and rely on each other and the planet to survive.Now, some of them have been taken away by humans for “scientific purposes”. They are here in front of you, and they are dying! How can we tell? Because of the screams they let out when a human get closer to them. SCREW YOU SELFISH HUMANS.. FRÜGELA IS COMING FOR YOU!!
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the tech

How does it work?

Glass sculptures (alien fruit) made from blowing molten glass inside a hot mold. Underneath each one of these fruits there a pressure sensor as well as an LED inside. When you come into contact with these fruits they will react by emitting light and sound. The teensy as well as the hardware of this synthesiser is located inside the "central nervous system" of the fruits which is the white ceramic piece. Here the LDR reacts to the surrounding light by additionally emitting light and sound.
Open source code
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Light sensor
A light sensor detects light in its proximity
Teensy Microcontroller
Pressure sensor
A pressure sensor can sense when it is pressed. it can be used to create custom buttons and more
About the instrument
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