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fUtUre frUits

A live sound experience of the growth of futuristic fruits.
Teensy Microcontroller
Art installation

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Design Academy Eindhoven
What will futuristic foods look like? Taste like? How will they grow and what will they sound like?Providing everyone with food in the future will be a huge challenge. It is an urgent field of research. Which got me interested too. I am growing a new future food. One that requires less agricultural land, water and time to grow.This mysterious fruit grows vertically in a wet climate of water which can be re-used endlessly. The sound the fruit makes ripens as the food ripens and grows.
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the tech

How does it work?

The futuristic fruit crystals grow bigger in a span of around three hours. As the rope gets heavier, since the crystals grows on it, the load sensor values increase. Linking the filter on the sound to the values of the load cell the sound becomes more harmonious overtime. As the load cell values increase the filter decreases. Ripening the sound as a result of the ripening of the fruits.
Open source code
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Teensy Microcontroller
About the instrument
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