Synth Design Hackathon 2022


A grumpy creature that lets you know its emotional state
Daisy seed microcontroller
Performance instrument
Performance instrument

Coaches & collaborators

Design Academy Eindhoven
This creature is the pet you didn’t know you wanted. Don’t be fooled by his fluffy coat, he doesn’t like to be touched. If you are curious enough he will change his mood when you try and pet him. Different zones of his body induce changes in his singing melody. To a touch of his back, he reacts with a loud, deep growl. In contrast to that, he will shriek when you pet his head. Maybe you can become his friend. With this synthesizer you can learn to understand the influence your actions can have on others, and that not everyone might like it immediately.
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the tech

How does it work?

The creature operates on three individual sensors. These sensors are made out of Velostat and CopperTape. By pressing on them they change their resistance like a potentiometer and therefore the sound. Each sensor is linked to the Oscillator and the LFO / Filter. By changing the resistance the pitch, wave of the LFO or volume change.
Open source code
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Daisy seed microcontroller
A powerful microcontroller for synthesis programmed through C++, Arduino, Pure data and Max MSP
Velostat is a conductive material. It's pressure-sensitive and can be used as a pressure or bend sensor. Squeezing it will reduce the resistance.
About the instrument
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