Synthux Hackathon 2023


Technological device that helps to define your emotions and clarify your thoughts.
Light sensor
Altitude sensor
A sympathetic byte
Art installation

Coaches & collaborators

Polish-Japanese Academy of Information Technology
“Impulse” helps to recognize your feelings on a subconscious level. It lets us be honest with ourselves and allows us to connect to our emotions instead of avoiding them. Emotions sometimes can be incomprehensible, to make them more understandable we decided to visualize feelings with help of color and sound projections. The projection of color goes in a cycle of 8 color combinations, each one of them connects to different emotions such as: anger, sadness, anticipation, fear, surprise, trust, happiness and disgust. Intuitively, a person picks a color that he associates with the emotion that he is experiencing at this moment. It is possible to stop at one exact color to experience one specific emotion as long as the user chooses to. The helmet aims to improve your relationship with yourself, establish your inner balance and accomplish a state of tranquility, which will consequently help you to concentrate, be more productive and have a better relationship with your loved ones.
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the tech

How does it work?

The light sensor in the helmet recognizes that the helmet is currently on your head. The projector then projects the image onto the wall and starts playing music. In the advanced version, music and images are duplicated inside the helmet.
Open source code
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Node based visual programming language for real time interactive multimedia content
Light sensor
A light sensor detects light in its proximity
Altitude sensor
An altimeter or an altitude meter is an instrument used to measure the altitude of an object above a fixed level
About the instrument
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