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How are you doing? really? Our emotional state is always with us, shaping our actions and perceptions. But although we cannot escape it, we are rarely truly aware of it -leaving us unconscious. Sometimes, it can be difficult to face our feelings, and in society nowadays it has become all too easy to find any escape, distraction. But if you dare to go inside, to be confronted with the (dis)coherence of your heart, then plug yourself in, while you hide yourself between the heavenly covers of INSIDE.
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the tech

How does it work?

To experience INSIDE, you connect yourself to a heartbeat sensor via 3 ECG stickers. The sensor sends data about your electrical heartbeat to a teensy 3.6, that is coded to map the interval between your heartbeats. It then calculates how coherent the rhythm is, based on your last 10 beats. A coherent heart rhythm corresponds to a peaceful state, where an incoherent rhythm corresponds to a state of frustration, anxiety, etc. From this, it generates music: a coherent rhythm will create harmonious music, an incoherent rhythm disharmonious music. -based on scales, chords, wavefunctions, and timing.
Open source code
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Heartbeat sensor
A heartbeat sensor measures heart rate in real time
About the instrument
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