Synth Design Hackathon 2023


Peace and quiet in a box
Teensy Microcontroller
Electret microphone
A habitat for coexistence
Sound art
Sound art

Coaches & collaborators

Fontys Engineering Eindhoven
Silence is valuable. It helps you focus. It helps you develop. It helps you think. What if this moment of serenity is destroyed by loud voices, and you don't feel like the one to fight for silence.  That is where P.A.N.C. can help out.  You can tell P.A.N.C. the desired volume threshold and he will help you live in your ideal audible environment. Peace and quiet in a box.
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the tech

How does it work?

P.A.N.C. consists of a potentiometer, a microphone sensor, an audio kit and a teensy 4.1 board with SD card reader.  The microphone is constantly listening and, depending on the volume around it, gives us a certain output. This number is compared to a threshold. This threshold can be increased or decreased with the potentiometer. If the measured volume is lower than the threshold, everything is fine. But if the volume is too loud, P.A.N.C. will play a pre-loaded audio file from the SD card through the AUX cable onto whatever speaker is connected.
Open source code
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Teensy Microcontroller
Electret microphone
Record or detect audio gain (volume) changes
About the instrument
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