Synth Design Hackathon 2023


A hat that allows us to hear a story behind fast fashion.
A habitat for coexistence
Art installation
Art installation

Coaches & collaborators

Polish-Japanese Academy of Information Technology
The project focuses on the tragic reality behind the fast fashion industry. By drawing attention to garment factory workers, the interactive art piece confronts a consumer with the conditions and reality of clothes manufacturing. The installation becomes both a voice for people affected by the industry as well as a platform for conversation about the issue.
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the tech

How does it work?

By entering the space, one hears the overlapping sounds of sewing machines. Then, you notice a discarded pile of clothes. On top of the pile, there is a moveable part of the installation – an interactive hat. The object is filled with photoresistor sensors which react when worn and turning off the noise of sewing machines to then trigger a range of stories spoken by garment workers. To create the experience, the photoresistors sent the signal to Arduino Live 11 which then triggers stories of female workers. A video projection of the translation of the spoken text is also displayed in the space.
Open source code
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About the instrument
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