Synthux Hackathon 2023


An environment for sympathetic music making.
Heartbeat sensor
Touch sensor
A habitat for coexistence
Art installation

Coaches & collaborators

Colorado University, ATLAS institute
Join a friend (or a stranger) in a musical coexistence. Physiological signals express our inner rhythms. The interactive sound installation senses physiological signals and hand gestures from both participants and compares your levels of relaxation (or excitement). Work collaboratively to achieve a relaxed and harmonious melody or explore individually in an eerie and dissonant soundscape.
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the tech

How does it work?

Syngeneia uses two spring-mounted controllers, each with an embedded gyroscope/accelerometer to measure motion, a pulse sensor, and three copper-tape electrodes used to measure galvanic skin response (GSR). The same electrodes are used to determine if the two performers are in contact with each other. Sensor data is amplified by our prototyped circuitry and is read by an Arduino Nano. The motion of each controller, individual heart rates, heart rate similarity, individual GSR, and physical contact are all parameters that are used within MaxMSP to influence both synthesizer parameters and rule-based generative algorithms for the notes played.
Open source code
Click here to grab this project's code
Visual programming language for music and multimedia
A gyroscope/accelerometer is a device used for measuring or maintaining orientation and angular velocity
Heartbeat sensor
A heartbeat sensor measures heart rate in real time
Touch sensor
A touch capacitance sensor can detect anything that is conductive
About the instrument
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