Synthux Hackathon 2023

The Message

An interactive 3D printed model that generates sound using distance sensor.
Proximity sensor
A reclaimed artefact
Sound art

Coaches & collaborators

Polish-Japanese Academy of Information Technology
The project aims to remind us of the altruistic nature of being human that we sometimes forget. Through an uncanny artefact from the future we come to learn something about where we are now and what we have forgotten. The project encourages us to listen, reflect and act accordingly to ideas that have shaped us. fragment used: Martin Luther King Jr “I have a dream…” speech, 1963
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the tech

How does it work?

A 3d printed model inside of it is a distance sensor that detects the presence of a human being in its proximity and as a result generates a non-earthly sound depending on how far or how close a person is.
Open source code
Click here to grab this project's code
Proximity sensor
A proximity sensor detects movement
About the instrument
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