Synth Design Hackathon 2023

The Metal Cage

get to know a second version of yourself
A habitat for coexistence
Art installation
Art installation

Coaches & collaborators

Betzalel Academy Jerusalem
Have you ever felt trapped? addicted to the digital space? the metal cage is an interactive installation set to criticize just that. The western world, responsible for ruining nature in order to achieve control over it, also controls us, maybe even without our full attention to it. The metal cage is a project that centers on the technology of face tracking (familiar to us from social networks) with a target of creating a visual and sound experience. we used Ableton in order to process live sound into a an output of digital but familiar sound specifically created to make an uncanny experience.
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the tech

How does it work?

The viewer enters a cage, in which is connected the webcamera. It transcends the data to the AR software that detects facial movements. then, any data from the sound of the participant, also goes through abelton via a microphone that detects only high gain frequencies, so only the participant can be recognized, and turn into a digital form.
Open source code
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