Synthux Hackathon 2023


Relive ethereal sounds of the past with the cutting-edge technology of the Theremixer
Teensy Microcontroller
Proximity sensor
A reclaimed artefact
Performance instrument

Coaches & collaborators

Fontys Engineering Eindhoven
The Theremixer is a futuristic sound device that brings the classic sound of the theremin to the modern age using advanced distance sensors to create sound based on hand movement. The two sensors control frequency and volume, making intricate and dynamic soundscapes easy to create. The device also has an on/off toggle, rhythm button and adjustable potentiometer, making it versatile and user-friendly for musicians of all levels to explore electronic sound creation.
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the tech

How does it work?

The Theremixer is a futuristic sound device that blends the idea of a theremin with modern technology. It's powered by a Teensy microcontroller and uses an Audiokit for sound processing and output. The two distance sensors, using infrared technology, measure the distance to your hand, allowing you to control frequency and volume effortlessly. It has an on/off toggle and rhythm button with a potentiometer for adjusting rhythm speed, making it versatile and easy to use. With precision and responsive technology, the Theremixer blends sound and engineering to create a unique musical experience.
Open source code
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Teensy Microcontroller
Proximity sensor
A proximity sensor detects movement
About the instrument
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