touch 2

Play ~ Swap ~ Code

Touch 2 is an expandable synth
with swappable faceplates

customized touch synth!

Touch 2 is an instrument designed for tactile interaction and hands-on control. It can be a thick bass, distorting string, delay, reverb, distortion and pretty much anything in between. And, front panels are swappable!

open source instruments

The Synthux community is constantly releasing new Touch instruments. Simply upload the firmware through USB and you have a completely new instrument in your hand! Using the Swappable faceplates you can distinguish between the instruments, and even design your own faceplate.
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pristine sound

Running the Daisy Seed microcontroller, Touch 2 can be anything from a stereo looper to an analog sounding multi-voice subtractive synthesizer or drum machine. For the nerds among us, Daisy is 96kHz / 24-bit audio hardware, ARM Cortex-M7 MCU, running at 480MHz and has 64MB of SDRAM for up to 10 minute audio buffers.

touch 2 sound samples

It can sound like pretty much anything! Here are some examples.

Swap that

Touch 2 can be different instruments. To distinguish between them, you get dedicated instrument panels for Touch Bass, Touch String and Touch FX, and a blank panel for you to design your own interface.

Pair multiple Touch 2 together for a perfect dawless jam!
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Touch 2 Expandable Synthesizer by Synthux Academy

Assembled or DIY? It's up to you...

We heard some of you just wanna play (and maybe program), but soldering is not really your thing... Now you can grab the Touch 2 pre-assembled and tested.

a developer's playground

Developer? Touch 2 is the most affordable and comprehensive development board for the Daisy Seed. With a built-in touch sensor, stereo I/O, faders, pots and switches, this robust board is a true creative playground.

Get started with our Github repositories and video tutorials. Connect with other makers on the Synthux Discord server and get your project off the ground!

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