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A dual sampler and looper designed for dynamic rhythms, generative melodies and rich textures
Simple Synth DIY board
Daisy seed microcontroller
Touch sensor

build it yourself

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design engineering

Vlad Lytvynenko

ux & interface design

Roey Tsemah
build it yourself
Grab a kit and build this synthesizer, picking up design and engineering skills along the way.

“Spotykach” is a name of the Ukrainian traditional cordial that translates to “a thing that makes something stumble“. Inspired by this notion, Spotykach is a sampler and looper that captures audio on two virtual tapes and generates rhythmic textures and rhythms using slices from the recorded sound. Depending on the kind of the source and controls settings it can produce a constant repeating pattern, a glitchy chaos or complex evolving textures. The front panel was inspired by Ukrainian traditional patterns. Using the touch pads you can sculpt patterns and textures from the input channel using two looping tapes.

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Spotykach is based on the Simple board and Daisy Seed. It has two processing channels. Each has 10s buffer from which slices up to 2s are taken. LFO modulation can be applied to the slice position, the pitch and the playback direction. The LFO amount is individual for each channel. The playback, recording and pattern settings are controlled by touch pads on the front panel connected to the MPR121 touch sensor controlled via I2C. Spotykach relies on an external clock that can come from Eurorack. The clock socket is connected to the Daisy via a simple analog circuit that converts Eurorack voltages to 3.3V.

Open source code
Click here to grab this project's code
Simple Synth DIY board
A synth prototyping board for building standalone and Eurorack instruments
Daisy seed microcontroller
A powerful microcontroller for synthesis programmed through C++, Arduino, Pure data and Max MSP
Touch sensor
A touch capacitance sensor can detect anything that is conductive
About the instrument
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