Build a multi-voice drone synth!

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Educational Program

Digital synthesis allows us to experiment and explore sound in new ways. Let's see how we could use classes in a creative way, to explore sound and interaction.

Workshop structure

What will we learn?

Case study: making Deep Note inspired drone synth.

This is a practical workshop. The concepts will be taught through a synthesizer example. The program we will design is a massive multi-voice synthesizer with up to 15 oscillators, resonating Moog style filter and LFOs. You can already check the code out here > Multi-voice Drone Synthesizer.

The power of classes

Classes allow us to design complex systems. They make our program more efficient, and allow us to explore creative ideas. It also makes our code more legible and easy to read. We will look at examples, learn how classes are used in our drone synth program and how to write them.

Controlling multiple voices using arrays

Once our classes are ready, we want to interact with them. We will learn how to use arrays to cycle through our voices and modify them systematically.

Getting ready

How to prepare?

All you need is a computer. If you have the Daisy Seed you can install the toolchain on your machine beforehand. You can also check out the code we will be working with on this Github page.

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