Design your own drum machine!

About the progam

Let’s make a simple drum machine and learn how to generate a drum pattern, add swing, reuse knobs to control different parameters and use classes to organize the code.

Workshop structure

What will we learn?

Case study: a simple drum machine

…with bass drum, snare and hihats! We’ll be able to change pattern for every drum, speed and swing.

Generating rhythms

We will look at a simple yet efficient algorithm for generating euclidean-like rhythms and explore the famous LM-1’s shuffle aka swing.

Multi-functional knobs

Even with a limited number of knobs it’s possible to build a fully functional instrument. We will look at how to route a knob output to different parameters.

Organizing the program code into modules/classes and communicating between them.

As the complexity of an instrument grows we need to organize the code in a way that helps us design and reason about our software. And the classes are perfect vehicle for doing this. We will look at how we can structure a drum machine.

Other topics

Will go further into C/C++ programming topics

We will touch on simple templates, arrays and other topics.

Getting ready

How to prepare?

All you need is a computer. If you have the Daisy Seed you can install the toolchain on your machine beforehand. You can also check out the code we will be working with on this Github page.

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