Human Centered Sound Objects

About the progam

Part one

Discovering sound

Length: 4 weeks

The challenge throughout the first weeks is to figure out how to make sound, that can be controlled in some way. Working in groups we will explore different techniques of sound design, both digitally and with analog circuits.

Learning goals

  • Understand analog and digital sound
  • Understand various synthesis techniques
  • Be able to hack electronic sound circuits
  • Be able to solder

Part two

Concept development for interactive objects

Length: 7 weeks

After we have built a sound making circuit we will look into the possible ways it could be interacted with. We will explore conventional controlling methods as well as sensors. When the interaction is clear we will look into materials and possible forms the instrument could take.

Learning goals

  • Understand the fundamentals of ergonomics
  • Understand Human Centered Design Principles\
  • Be able to develop meaningful, human-centered interactive concepts
  • Be able to self-learn through online resources
  • Be able to visualize your concepts and ideas
  • Be able to rapidly prototype using various techniques
  • Be able to argument design decisions

Part three


Length: 3 weeks

A project is not complete without its presentation. How would you communicate your ideas in a way that amplifies your design and brings it to the front? We'll learn how to create visuals, images, illustrations, images and videos that are informed by our design.

Learning goals

  • Understand the fundamentals of visual storytelling
  • Understand the basics of photography, videography and light
  • Be able to use various photography/videography techniques
  • Be able to create visually appealing compositions to communicate your project
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