Free online synth programming workshop

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Educational Program

Date & time

Online workshop

Check the interactive world clock to find your local time.

  • Amsterdam ~ 20:00
  • London ~ 19:00
  • Tel Aviv ~ 21:00
  • New York ~ 2PM
  • Los Angeles - 11AM

Educational program

What will we learn?

  1. Programming a synth with the Daisy Seed microcontroller
  2. What is DSP (digital signal processing)
  3. How to patch synth modules in code
  4. How to assign physical knobs to synth modules
  5. Writing code for an oscillator
  6. Expanding synth functionality. Using the Daisy Seed reference documentation.

Technical level

Beginner- intermediate

This course is designed as an entry point for artists and makers who want to get started with synth DIY. Nevertheless, if you have experience with Arduino programming and synthesis you might still find it useful to understand how you could use the Daisy Seed microcontroller.


About the instructors

Chris Maniewski

Chris has been working as an engineer, both in hardware and software for over a decade. He is an Electrical Engineer by trade and a Software Engineer by choice. For the past 6 years Chris has been tinkering with microcontrollers, building mesmerising wearables and puzzling escape-room props, as well as music machines, realizing his own designs and providing synth-makers with software for their instruments.

Roey Tsemah

Roey is the founder of Synthux Academy. He has been teaching design, synthesis and music for over a decade, as part of academic programs, and as a guest lecturer. He is also running the International Synth Design Hackathon and hosting the Synth Design Podcast.

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