Synth DIY workshop at synthCube

November 25, 2023
3 hours
Season ticket available for €199 (instead of €290)

About the progam

In this workshop you'll build your own subtractive synthesizer, and learn how to flash other instruments on the Daisy. You'll also solder some components and understand how the Simple board works.

Open source synth library!

As you'll learn during the workshop, there are all sorts of open source instruments on our Github page. From subtractive to FM, samplers, arpeggiators, sequencers and drum machines, drones, strings and effects. You'll have plenty of ideas to explore and learn from! The code is commented and open for you to try. And, there's the Discord community where you can ask questions after the workshop.

Discord community of makers

This workshop is just the beginning! Meet and connect with other makers around the world on our Discord server. There are well over 1000 makers there, with different skill sets. Some are engineers, some designers and of course musicians. You can already join using the link below:

Click here to join Discord

Video course

The workshop is a great starting point, and also fun to meet other synth nerds, but the learning continues with the video course. Access to the video course is included in the package. The video course is designed for musicians with no background in programming, so you'll learn all the fundamentals in an engaging and accessible way. Check the Synthux learning environment for more info.

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