DIY Kit + Course

Simple Expanded Kit

ex. VAT
Bundle set, including all synth boards and lots of components!

Package includes:

Video course

Lifetime access to our beginners course - Introduction to Synth Programming on the Daisy Seed (€99)


1 X Simple Designer PCB

1 X Simple Touch PCB

1 X Simple Fix PCB


1 X Daisy Seed microcontroller

Email us to add more


1 X MPR121 touch sensor


3 X Rogan 5PS knobs

3 X Rogan 2P knobs

6 X Rogan 1P knobs

Mechanical components

12 X 10K Potentiometers

10 X 10K Trimmer potentiometers

4 X 10K Faders

6 X On off on switches

6 X On off switches

2 X Jack sockets (stereo)

6 X Jack sockets (mono)


7 X Ultra low profile female pin headers (24 pins)

4 X Ultra low profile male pin headers (24 pins)

50 X 15cm wires

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