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simple designer

Designer galore!

Simple Designer is a rapid prototyping instrument for synth designers, makers and musicians. It incorporates 80 slots for potentiometers, switches and jacks. You can also add fades, LED's and with a little creativity build a full-blown synthesizer running the Daisy Seed microcontroller
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Inspiring freedome

If you can imagine it, you can build it! Simple Designer is a full-blown synthesizer. Build a stand-alone instrument, an effects box or a Eurorack module. Design your ideal interface and program your sound the way you envision it!

Interface playground

From switches and jack sockets to knobs in different sizes and even faders, Simple Designer makes for a perfect sketch board for instrument interface design.

pristine sound

Running the Daisy Seed microcontroller, Simple Touch can be anything from a stereo looper to an analog sounding multi-voice subtractive synthesizer or drum machine. Daisy is 96kHz / 24-bit audio hardware, ARM Cortex-M7 MCU, running at 480MHz and has 64MB of SDRAM for up to 10 minute audio buffers.
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Community instruments

Simple Designer instruments are complete stand-alone devices, and some are even Eurorack ready. Check out the instruments below and build your own using the Simple Designer kits.
coming soon
dual looper


Vlad Litvinenko | Bleep tools
Roey Tsemah | Synthux Academy
coming soon
Buchla inspired

Music Canvas

Lucas Bonvin | Helixbyte
Roey Tsemah | Synthux Academy
coming soon
Horrorscape drone

Audrey II

Nick Donaldson | Infrasonic Audio
Roey Tsemah | Synthux Academy


Simple Designer has a library of open source examples, community projects and instruments as well as video course for complete beginners. Get started and build a synth!
video course

Start off with some examples

Simple Designer has three official instruments contributed by community members, and a bunch of example projects to help you get started. Whether you're just getting started with programming, or you are a seasoned DSP developer check out our Github and resources to get started.
€99 (included with all our kits)
synthux Github
video course

Inroduction to synth programming on the Daisy Seed

€99 (included with all our kits)
Check it out
Community members on our Discord server
Instruments and examples on our Github

Interface designer template and resources

Learn how to design your own interface panels and print them on PCB materials. Check out the manual and video tutorials below.
Start designing

Simple Synth Platform

Build. Design. Play.


Explore the Simple Synth kits and boards
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